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Maroula of Lemnos

Maroula of legend and literature, a symbol of female heroism in the post-Byzantine years, is met by Ypsipyli in Kotsinas and recognizes something of herself in her. Paternal love served as a beacon for both women, who, breaking, as it were, the barrier of time, meet in the sprawl of the castle.

In 1478, Kotsina Castle was besieged by Suleiman Pasha. According to legend, when eighteen-year-old Maroula’s father, the soldier protecting the area at the time, died of a serious injury, she raised his bloody sword and was the first to rush into battle, encouraging the Lemnians and Venetians to attack, driving Suleiman into flight.

The legendary Maroula inspired both Italian writers, such as Sabelico, Coelius, Calcagnini, Fulgosius, Vianoli, and Greek writers, such as Kostis Palamas, Aristomenes Provelengio, Maria Lampadaridou-Pothou, and Antonis Soupios. The legend was kept alive and took shape when, in 1969, the Teachers’ Association of Lemnos financed the creation of an imposing bronze statue, created by Hippocrates Savvouras, which was placed in the courtyard of the church of Zoodochos Pigi.

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