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Departing from local legends, the programme “Where is Ypsipyli hiding?” proposes a journey of knowledge around the island of Lemnos, expected to bring to the fore the island’s contemporary identity, encompassing tangible and intangible heritage, the natural environment, as well as modern aspects of Lemnian life and creativity.

The project directly involves 6-18 year-old students, as well as their teachers. Indirect beneficiaries include permanent and temporary residents of all ages, visitors, local authorities and entrepreneurs, as well as edu-cultural stakeholders beyond Lemnos Island.

Concept and Planning: Places & Traces (@PlacesandTraces)

The actions of the program are under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Lemnos. They have received approval for implementation in all the schools of Lemnos from the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of the Prefecture of Lesvos, for the school year 2023-24.

Chapter Ι

Chapter Ι

In Chapter I, Ypsipyli chooses to hide in the Christodoulides Mansion, home of the Christodoulideo Soup Kichen for Students during the Occupation and in the years that followed. In this chapter, we focus on WW I and II, local architecture and children’s creative expression through painting.

Chapter I was implemented in the school year 2021-22 with co-financing by the German Federal Foreign Office through funds of the German-Greek Future Fund.

Chapter ΙI

Chapter ΙI

“Chapter II, entitled “A journey to Lemnos guided by Art and Technology”, will be implemented in the 2022-23 school year. It will focus on the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine times and the base of the activities will be the Castle of Myrina. In addition to the educational walks to the landmarks of the reference period, participating students will become familiar with digital tools and fundamentals of artistic photography in order to create an alternative “narrative” of their experience in the program.

Chapter ΙII

Chapter ΙII

Chapter III, implements the schol. year 2023-24. It focuses on prehistoric times and classical antiquity, the environment, literature centered on Lemnos and the intangible cultural heritage of the island. Creative writing and digital editing are added to the creative tools.





A dissemination activity of pivotal importance to the program, present in all three chapters, which seeks to leave a tangible imprint on the island, attracting the interest of the younger generation and the general public to the reference points and values ​​of the program even after its completion.

In particular, “Ypsipyli’s Path” aims to retell the history of Lemnos and the individual stories that will emerge from the educational activities, through a physical route that will pass through the points of interest (buildings, monuments and other landmarks) across the entire island.

The “Path” will be marked by recognizable signposts that will carry interdisciplinary information material for each “stop” in the form of QR code (QR code) text and multimedia.

Each Chapter will contribute to the “Path” ten stations.

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