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Chapter 1

The historical period of WWII, still engraved in the memory of the elderly as a time of great challenge and bravery for the island, was considered ideal for opening up the process of revisiting the past with the help of a “multifocal” contemporary lens.

Through emblematic buildings, starting with the mansion hosting the “Christodoulides Soup Kitchen for Students” in Myrina and continuing with a number of important traces of the German presence in both the capital and the harbour town of Moudros, local architecture will be discovered and key historical events will unfold: the German Occupation on the island, invaded in April 1941, the vigorous and persistent struggle of the local Resistance networks and their leaders, the numerous war victims and their stories and the events leading to the island’s liberation in October 1944 are among the historical highlights that have contributed to the shaping of the island’s contemporary identity and will therefore be explored through the guided tours and various activities described in Chapter I.

An evaluation session due in fall 2022 will complete the activities of his chapter.

Chapter is co-financed by the German Federal Foreign Office through funds of the German-Greek Future Fund.